The district has some major railway lines which connects north and south India.NTPC Ramagundam, a part of National Thermal Power Corporation, is situated at Ramagundam. It is one of the major power stations in South India and is the first ISO 14001 certified “Super Thermal Power Station” in India. The Godavari River passes through Peddapalle district while the cotton produced here is of international quality and reputation.

The district is of historical and archaeological significance. The Buddhist circuit has a lot of prominent places that spell their glory. One such prominent place of the Buddhists takes nestling in this district, in a small hamlet called Dhulikatta. The Buddhist Mahastupa or the great stupa and vihar in Dhulikatta village was established at the end of the 2nd century BC, more than 2000 years ago. According to many historians, the description of this fortified town situated on the banks of a river by the Greek emissary Megasthenes, matches with that of this town.

Peddaplle district is also home to holy shrines of Sri MallikarjunaSwamy at Odela and Sri Varahaswami inKamanpur Mandal. Some of the popular tourist attractions in the district include RamuniGundalu andSabbitham waterfalls. Ramagiri Fort which is also called the RamgiriKhilla, is situated on the top of a picturesque hillock. It is surrounded by lush greens and is very magnificent.