Tahsil Offices

 Again the sub-divisions are divided into Mandals. Peddapalli District Consists of  14Mandals. Mandal is headed by Tahsildar. The Tahsildar is vested with the same powers and functions of Tahsildars of erstwhile Taluks including magisterial powers. Tahsildar heads the tehsil Office. Tahsildar provides the interface between the government and the public within his jurisdiction. He initiates welfare measures within his jurisdiction. The tahsildar assists the higher authorities in collecting information and conducting inquiries. He provides feedback to the district administration that helps in decision-making at higher levels of administration. The Deputy Tahsildar/Superintendent, Mandal Revenue Inspector, Superintendent, Mandal Surveyor, Assistant Statistical Officer, and Other Ministerial Staff. The Deputy Tahsildar/ Superintendent supervises the day-today functions of MRO’s office and deals mainly with general administration. MONDAL NAME NAME OF THE OFFICER MOBILE NUMBER
1 Anthergoan P.Sampath 7995070721
2 Kalvasrirampoor J.Sunitha 7995070769
3 Eligaid R.Padmavathi  7995070729
4 Julapalli K.Venugopal 7995070733
5 Odela C.Ram Mohan  7995070749
6 Palakurthi M.Sadanadam(FAC) 7995070753
7 Peddapalli D.Srinivas  7995070757
8 Dharmaram R.Venkat Laxmi  7995070725
9 Sulthanabad B.Pal Singh  7995070672
10 Ramagundam K.Ramesh 7995070765
11 Kamanpur A.Umashankar 7995070737
12 Manthani B.Prakash 7995070741
13 Mutharam(Manthani) Bitla Sudhakar 7995070745
14 Ramagiri E.Pushpalatha  7995070761