Buddhist Stupa Dhulikatta


The Buddhist monastic complex at Vadkapur and Dhulikatta villages located on the right and left banks of Hussaini vagu lies at a distance of 30 krn from Karimnagar. The excavations brought to light a Buddhist Stupa, fortification walls etc. One of labels inscribed in Brahmi over a slab in this Stupa is Palaeographically datable to 2nd century B.C. The Stupa belonged to the Hinayana sect of Buddhism in which the anthropomorphic representation of Buddha was taboo. Here Buddha is showed in symbols such as his Chatra, Padukas, throne with Swastika, Pillar of fire etc.

The Stupa consists of lower pradakshana patha, circular drum with ayaka platforms on four cardinal directions i.e. on east, west, north and south and a dome. These ayaka platforms project from the main drum. This Stupa was beautified with carved lime stone slabs during the early Satavahna period and this embellishment is contemporary to the Barhut Stupa dated to the early Sunga period. Among the lime stone slabs Naga Muchilinda (a snake guarding the Buddha) is prominent.


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How to Reach:

By Air

The Peddapalli district is not having Airport. The Nearest airport is the rajiv gandhi international airport at distance of 260 km.

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The nearest Railway station is at Peddapalli which is located at a distance of 25 km.

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At a Distance of 25 Km From Peddapalli Bus stop.